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In this guide I will talk about how to build your fleet to get the most out of it. What ships and weapons you should have as well as other advice. If you have just let the computer build your ships up until now you will definitely see some large improvements if you start designing the ships yourself instead.
By designing the ships yourself you are able to directly counter the ships your opponent have in their fleets.

In Stellaris there re 4 types of ships, the corvettes, the destroyers, the cruisers and the battleships. This is in the order of size, corvettes are the smallest ships while the battleships are much larger.

Ship numbers.

You don’t want to build your navy of just the biggest and strongest ships. The reason for this is that the bigger ships are much easier to hit, and the bigger ships are also bad at shooting down small ships. Because of this you want to have a well balanced fleet of ships.

The ration between the number of the different ships is often recommended to be close to 1:4:7:12. That means for every one battleship you build, you should build 4 cruisers, 7 destroyers and 12 corvettes.

For a late game large invasion army you could multiply these numbers by 10. So 10 battleships, 40 cruisers, 70 destroyers and 120 corvettes. This would be a massive invasion force for sure, just make sure you design your ships well.


Battle mechanics

When it comes to designing your ships, you have to know what role they fill in battle. Basically the smaller ships are tanking for the bigger ships, which I think is kind of weird, but that is how it works. So your big cruisers and battleships will deal a ton of damage while your small destroyers and corvettes deal the damage.

Weapon types.

There are three types of different weapons in Stellaris. The kinetic weapons, the energy weapons and the torpedoes.

Kinetic weapons are very strong against shield defence, as they do the most damage in the game. They are not weak against other defence, but the other options are stronger due to their special bonuses.

Energy weapons are really strong against armor as they ignore a certain percent of the armor. Lasers ignore 50% of the armor while plasma throwers ignore 100% of the armor. Disruptors do double damage to shields. All weapons systems used by fallen empires are energy weapons.

Missiles weapons include missiles and torpedoes. Torpedoes ignore shields and will do a lot of damage cause of that, but they are easier to shoot down than missiles.

Ship design.

So what should you focus on when designing your ships? It is generally nice to have mix of the different weapon types to be able to counter a wide range of opponents ships. And exception tot his would be if you are planning to go to war against a specific AI opponent that has a specific army composition that you want to counter.


General ship advice.

Accuracy is very important when it comes to which weapons you chose, after that comes damage. If you are playing against the AI I suggest picking torpedoes, as they do a lot of damage. Auto cannons are really good and easy to upgrade early in the game. Just pick a couple of weapons that you like and focus on upgrading these, you won’t be able to level up everything.



You want your corvettes to have high evasion and point defence. Your corvettes and destroyers should tank and take the hits while your cruisers and battleships are safe. It’s a good idea to have two different types of corvettes in your army.

In the first type when it comes to weapons disruptors are really good in them, and you would like to have offensive AI on them so they run into battle first and take the heat. You also want to put an interceptor core on theses ships. The purpose of them is to absorb hits while still dealing damage.

The second type of corvettes you should have in your army should be able to counter many different opponent builds. When it comes to weapons in these I suggest small auto cannons and medium missiles. This makes for a well balanced damage output and should be able to counter most fleets you are facing.



Your destroyers should just like your corvettes have high evasion and point defence. When it comes to weapons you would preferably have missiles on them, but torpedoes work well also. You want to put the fortune breaker and flash bulwark module. The role of the ships will be to deal heavy damage while at the same time tanking for your bigger ships.



The cruisers are your first hard damage dealers. Don’t spend too much time messing around with these, just pick a high damage weapon and you are good to go. Small kinetic coil guns would be a good choice. When it comes to the modules you put in them, go with protector bulwark, punisher core and screen breaker. These ships will destroy your enemy’s ships with missiles.



Your battleships are the most important ships in your navy, and the only ship you should really spend a lot of time designing. The reason you want to pay attention to these is that you can mount special modules on them that can be really powerful. Especially the ability to slow down enemy ships is great so you can take them out without them being able to run away.

You should also have battleships that are designed for just dealing pure damage. They will be filled with lasers and possibly small auto cannons as well. You want them to have the modules zenith bulwark, vengeance core and life breaker in them. They will deal a ton of damage to enemy ships.


Learn to use the ship designer and how to design basic ships to fill the various roles you need. You don’t need to spend a ton of time designing ships if you are not enjoying it, but just making small changes to the “auto-best” ships the computer makes will make a huge difference.

Also, please let me know if you have any more advice on how to build your navy that you would like to share. I love to hear back from the readers here, so please leave a comment, thanks!

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