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Stellaris was released in early May 2016 by by Paradox Interactive. It is a fantastic game and I am certain it will become really popular as well. The launch sales have been fantastic and it will be exciting to know how many players will play the game on a long term basis.


I have always been really fond of strategy games and Paradox Development Studio is known for creating the best strategy games out there. I just got started with the game now and I am planning to dig deep into it quickly and create lots of interesting strategy guides for this website. I might start a YouTube channel related to the game as well, but that is yet to be seen.

At the moment there are no other strategy websites for Stellaris out there that I am aware of, the only other website I know of is the Stellaris wiki. This website will not be a wikipedia, I don’t enjoy just pasting information like that, it will rather be a website filled with strategy articles. Everything from how to get started with the game, which races and leaders are best, building your empire, researching technology, winning battles and so forth.

I really enjoy hearing from the visitors and discuss various aspects of the game, so please do leave a comment if you have any questions or opinions about the strategy guides posted here.

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  1. This is hip man, I have had Stellaris for a while now and have not been able to focus long enough to learn the ropes, yet I finally did and what a treat. Reminds me of the good old days of Civilization runs lasting days or even weeks! I appreciate the time and effort put into a site like this. General info is great, I like seeing different thoughts and ideas of fleet make up and the like. Keep at it! I am still on the fence about slavery myself but I’m sure I’ll have a bastard dictator slave driving sooner or later!

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