Leviathans Story Pack 4.56/5 (9)

The Leviathans Story Pack is a brand new DLC that was released to Stellaris on October 20. When you install this DLC pack you will fill the galaxy with new adventures and challenges.

In this article I’ll go into a bit more dept on what the DLC contains and if I think it is worth getting it. You can buy the Leviathans Story Pack from Steem and it costs €9.99. The story pack is available in Portuguese, English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish


Guardians are one of the important features of this DLC pack. These are powerful space entities that you can interact with throughout the game. They are of mysterious origins and it is hard to understand their motives. You can fight or investigate these entities as a way of unlocking new technologies and find treasures.


Enclaves are independent outposts of traders and artists that you will also find spread around the galaxy. You can make various sorts of agreements and deals with these enclaves. The most useful thing to do with the enclaves is to exchange resources with them, you can usually get quite a good deal. You can also purchase information about the galaxy from the enclaves or commission a great work of art from them.


War in heaven.

The last big feature of the Leviathans pack is the War in Heaven. Most likely you are already used to dealing with fallen empires. Fallen empires are old empires that are really strong but don’t really interact much with the rest of the galaxy anymore. Usually you don’t need to pay these guys too much attention as long as you don’t make them angry.

Once a war in haven starts however, two of these strong fallen empires goes to war against each other. You can involve yourself in this war if you wish and gain great benefits, but it can also turn into a disaster so you have to chose wisely.

Other features.

The Leviathans Story Pack also adds more events and encounters to Stellaris, as well as over 20 minutes of new music. You also get a new portraits pack with portraits for the Butterfly, Starfish, Snailien, Prettyshroom and Gecko.

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