New Update with Exciting changes – Patch 1.2 4.82/5 (11)

Last week patch 1.2 was released for Stellaris. This is a huge patch with lots of exciting changes, and in this post I will go over the major changes and write a bit on how they will affect the game. This pact is also called the Asimov pack, after the famous author Isaac Asimov.


Changes to diplomatic relations.

  • Defensive pact has been added. Using this pact you can form a defensive alliance with other empires.
  • Non-Aggression Pact, Migration Treaty, Support Independence and Guarantee Independence are now diplomatic actions. These actions used to be trade deals which doesn’t make too much sense.
  • Embassies have now been removed and been replaced with trust. The trust score will build up over time as you have active diplomatic retaliations. They can increase opinion by up to 100 points.
  • The default status of borders is now open and you need to set it as close through diplomatic actions. Fallen empires will never open borders however, and rival empires will also close borders by default.
  • Maintenance has been removed for federation fleets, but they can not increase the federation navy size.
  • You are now able to kick members from your alliance or federation which is pretty awesome. You can do this with a majority vote.
  • You know get increased opinion when you end gifts or have other favourable trade deals with other empires.



  • War philosophy policy has been added which determines what types of war goals you can use.
  • Colonisation of planets and the building of frontier outposts will now cost influence based on the distance to your closest system.
  • If you design a ship with excess power you will get a bonus to damage, speed and evasion.
  • The grand admiral achievement has been changed. It now requires a combined fleet power of 100k or more, instead of having dealt 100k damage as it used to be.
  • Ship Combat Computers behavior has been changed in the following manner: Aggressive behavior is now called Swarm behavior and Defensive behavior is now called Bombardment behaviour.
  • Fleet merging is now working better and is easier to use.

Empire building.

  • Instead of core planets you will now have core systems. That means that you can colonise multiple planets in the same system without effecting your cap.
  • Offensive wars will now give you -10% to happiness.
  • A new building, visitor centre, has been added to Xenophile empires.
  • Spiritualist empires get access to a new building as well, the symbol of unity building.
  • You can now remove your spaceports.
  • Ethics divergence has been changed so that it is no longer possible to avoid divergence by not working the reassembled ship shelter.


Other major changes.

  • War economy policy has been removed.
  • Weapons on all ships have had their range doubled.
  • Happiness has been changed. The modifier to happiness is now linear with anything above 50% giving you bonuses and anything below 50% giving you penalties.
  • New map modes have been added, the AI attitude, opinion and diplomatic option.
  • The natural beauty planet modifier has been removed.
  • Civilian ships has been updated with shields and armor.
  • Galactic Ambitions technology no longer provides Survey Data for empires you have contacted.


New traits.

  • Fleeting – this will reduce the lifespan of the leader by 15 years.
  • Deviant – this increases ethics divergence by 15%.

New war goals.

  • Make Tributary – You can now take tributaries in war. The tributaries will pay 20% of their energy credits and material to their overlord, but will not join forces and are free to declare their own wars and colonise planets.
  • Humiliate – Doing this will give you a lot of influence while at the same time giving them negative bonuses to their empire.
  • Abandon planet – Doing this kills all population on a planet and forces the empire to abandon it.
  • Open borders – This forces the enemy empire to have open borders with you for 10 years.
  • Stop atrocity – This war goal forces the empire to ban slavery and purging.

This are a few of the major changes in the new patch, please let me know what you think. I love major changes to the game like this as it makes it a lot of fun to play another round in the game.

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