Stellaris Utopia guide 4/5 (21)

A huge update to Stellaris was just released, the Stellaris Utopia expansion. This expansion awesome and brings a ton of new cool features of Stellaris. In this guide I will go through the most important new features to the game and explain how they work. This update was announced in early February 2017 and was just released now in April.


Megastructures are massive buildings you can create orbiting your star systems. These come in different types like the Dyson Sphere and the Ring Worlds. They bring both prestige as well as other major advantages to your civilization.

Stellaris Utopia guide update

Ascension Perks.

In the Utopia expansion, you can collect unity points and adopt various traditions. When you do this you can unlock the Ascension Perks. The Ascension Perks allow you to customize your civilization in unique new ways.

There are three different Ascension Paths you can follow, Biological Mastery, Synthetic Evolution or Transcendence. If you follow Synthetic Evolution you can for example completely give up your biological form, pretty cool!

New evil empires.

You can now choose to use your subjects in new evil ways if you wish. You can use them as battle slaves, domestic servants and even as food.

Habitat Stations.

Your subjects can now live in habitat stations that orbit your planets. This means that you don’t need to expand with new planets all the time, you can actually choose to expand to habitat stations around your planets instead.

Stellaris Utopia guide, screenshot


You now have the option to indoctrinate your subjects. You want them to believe the right things so that they will follow your as their leader on the true path. Using indoctrination it is much easier to control a massive empire.

Other cool features.

There are lots of other cool features with the Stellaris Utopia update as well. Hive Minds lets your whole empire work as one huge consciousness, quite weird but pretty cool. There are also lots of new events, new decisions and the mystery of The Shroud.

Release trailer.

Check out the Stellaris Utopia release trailer above. It shows a lot of the cool new features that I talked about.

If you have had the chance to check out the new expansion, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear what you think!

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